Vicki's Story

My name is Vicki Carey, and in 1995 I was involved in a serious car accident that took the life of my first child, Tyler Jonathan (T.J.).

I was in critical condition awaiting surgery when I was told the agonizing prognosis from Childrens Hospital Los Angeles: that T.J. was pronounced clinically brain dead.

My husband and I were compassionately told that even though T.J. was only one month old, that there were two other babies (each two months old) at the hospital that were themselves within days of dying if they did not receive heart and lung transplants. For my husband and I, the decision to have T.J. be a donor clearly stood out as being the right "the only" thing to do, especially if it meant giving the families of these babies hope, and possibly stopping them from having to face this terrible nightmare!

T.J.'s legacy includes Taylor Williams and Joshua Diaz, who will be turning eight years old in just ten days! All three of our families decided to meet, and that emotional experience is difficult to put into words. We continue to keep in touch, and all of us have shared our experiences to help others make informed decisions about organ and tissue donation.