Tong Tong's Story

A Letter to Her Donor's Family

Dear family,

We really don't know how to start this letter., how to express our feelings to you, because we know nothing is great enough to thank you. We accepted the most precious gift in the world from you, that is a life! Your action saved our daughters life! Our 5-year-old daughter Tong Tong had very serious congenital heart disease. She has had open heart surgy and needed a heart pacemaker. On Oct. 2000, doctors told us she needed a heart transplant because her heart was too sick to last longer.

We knew how critical her condition was, her body was turning bluer day by day. She breathed faster. She was sweaty all time. She couldn't walk, couldn't eat and at last she was put in the ICU. Her heart worked so hard until that day you sent the hopeto her, you gave her a new life!

She is totally differentfter her transplant. Her lips, fingers and toes are pink. This is the first time we have seen her so pink in the past five years! She runs, jumps, and plays with kids everyday instead of sitting in the stroller. She eats by herself instead of the feeding tube which served her for about one year. She has more energy than we've ever seen before and she is so happy all time.

We know how much you suffered when you made the decision. That is so difficult. We don't knowhat we should say, but you saved our daughter's life in suffering. To just say thank you does not seem to be enough! We also would like tell you that you saved other lives indirectly. One lady also made a great decision like you did just because she has heard the story about Tong Tong! We are so grateful! Tears come out to our faces. We appreciate you and we feel so blessed!

We hope some day our Tong Tong can stand in front of your to show you that your love's le is continued in her life. We pray for you every night and also pray for your little angel. Big hugs from Tong Tong and thousands of thanks from our family!

Yours sincerely,

Yehong & Frost