Gavyn's Story

On May 29, 1998 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. One month early weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces, we were told he was in total kidney failure due to a blockage in his urethra.

A life saving Kidney Transplant is what he needed to continue his young life. Once he was stable, two months and several surgeries later, we were able to bring our baby home.

Almost three years had gone by, numerous surgeries, hospital stays, daily injections and drugs to keep him alive. We were tested to donate to Gavyn, along with family, friends and amazing people we had never even met. Thirteen people came forward and none of them could donate because of blood type or compatibility.

Finally a close friend and neighbor, a husband, and father of three beautiful children stepped forward to be tested. He was a match. He continued the testing and ultimately had the okay to move forward with the donating process.

The day before Easter Sunday, we had an amazing surprise. While Gavyn was playing outside with his brother Landyn and sister Mackenna, we got the phone call we had been anticipating for over six months.

They had a kidney for Gavyn, not only did they have a life saving organ for him, it was a perfect match.

With so many emotions running, scared, excited, sorrow for the family who was grieving for there deceased loved one, we only had two hours to get to UCLA Medical Center. We ran in circles around each other as we packed and prepared Gavyn and his siblings for what was about to take place.

We started our journey at 10:00 p.m. to the hospital. When we arrived, we anxiously awaited the final testing and for the "Gift of Life" that was coming from across the country. Every helicopter that landed we hoped and prayed this was it..., it wasn't.

Easter Morning came and the "The Gift" still had not arrived. It wasn't until 7:00 pm Easter evening that Gavyn was rolled into the Operating room on my lap. That was the hardest "I will see you soon" I have ever said! As we waited with our family and friends, five hours had gone by.

Finally, the surgeon came out and said the Kidney Transplant was a success and Gavyns "Gift of Life" was pumping and making urine. Thank God, we had just experienced a miracle! The next ten days in PICU were tough and the first year post transplant was a little bumpy.

We are now approaching our second year anniversary and enjoying everyday to the fullest. Each healthy day is a true gift from God!

Gavyn named his new Kidney "Boomer". Boomer has become a part of our daily conversation. When we take our medication, drink our sixty four ounces of water and when we say our prayers at night, thanking Boomers family for giving him this precious "Gift of Life".

We encourage everyone to consider being an organ donor and to share your feelings with your family.

Gavyn Bailey