Daniel's Story

When I met Dan, it was instant love. We both felt that we were soul mates, finally united after years of searching. We promised each other a "fifty year deal" to always be together through thick and thin. Always.

Four months before our wedding date, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Although I became totally and permanently disabled, our wedding still took place. One year later our daughter was born. My husband was my hero because he was there to help me through the shock of my chronic illness, pregnancy, childbirth, and help in raising my fourth daughter.

Once you've had a love so special, so deep, only to have that person leave, all you can do is look back knowing at least you've had the chance to experience finding your true love, your soul mate. At least it was there, if only for a short time.

A day before my husband passed away, the doctors had told me he wasn't going to make it. His brain was too damaged. My heart was crushed. I talked to him before I left the hospital that night; little did I know that it was the last time I could sit by his side and do this. I spoke of our plans for the future and how much I loved him. I made him a promise that I'll see him on the other side, when it's my time to go. I could still see into his eyes and I know he heard me.

The next afternoon, he was declared brain dead. With his organs still going strong, I donated his vital organs and tissues to OneLegacy. I couldn't do the eyes,I wanted to look into them one day. One would think of "organ donation" at such a time would be troublesome and giving others, the gift of life, helped me with my loss.

When OneLegacy invited me to a donor recognition ceremony, I was not able to attend. OneLegacy sent me a video of the very heartwarming ceremony. I was also sent a "Gift of Life" donor medal. My husband's eight-year-old son also received them. Having the video and medal makes it easier to explain to my daughter how her daddy will always be my hero.

My husband once wrote: "Finding your soul mate can be like touching the sun. Seeing the gates of heaven too early. Being so happy that it will make you cry. Knowing the purpose of the colors in the sunset. You make my soul sing when I look in your eyes. You are everything to me." My husband is everything to me, and I know he is happy looking down from heaven, happy that we honored him by leaving his legacy: giving others the gift of life.<

Mary Walters