Catalina's Story

Dear Friends,

This is my story. my name is Catalina. How and where do I start? On April 26th, 1993, I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. I remember having a wonderful pregnancy. I felt healthy and strong.

As time went on I felt more anxious to meet my baby. I wondered what he or she would look like. After looking at him for the first time I remember thinking and saying thank you God for a healthy baby. I could not believe that this boy was actually mine. As little Louis grew, he was the apple of all of our eyes. Everyone would say that he had this angelic look to his face. He was a very bright boy. At the age of five, he knew how to count, write and even read some. I could not believe that at age five he knew how to play chess! He was kind, loving, gentle and so very sweet; not to mention incredibly handsome.

After a while of having this news sink in OneLegacy approached us. They asked me if I ever had considered possibly donating his organs. For a second I was shocked. I guess I didn't want to admit he was gone. I took a moment and started thinking what it meant to donate. I had never thought about something like this, especially for my son who was only five. I started thinking if my son or daughter or just anyone I loved were waiting for a donor I would want someone to help me. I also started thinking what type of human being Louis was. He was so loving and caring that I knew he would have wanted it this way. And right away I said yes. I don't regret it, not only did he save some lives but it helps me to think that part of Louis still lives on. This is comforting to some degree. I felt that the greatest gift to be given is the gift of life! And I am proud to say that my son gave that gift to three human beings. He is and will be my hero forever!

Thank you for listening to my story. As always, this is dedicated to the memory of my son, Louis Armani Silva.

Signed, Catalina M. Perez

Louis Armani Silva