Carol's Story

To The Family of My Donor:

I cannot truly express to you the way that I feel, but I will try to the best of my ability. My heart is filled with sadness and I cry for you, for I know how it feels to lose one whom you love so very much. I know the mourning and grieving can tear you apart as you love so very much. I don't even know how to begin to thank you… for in your time of sadness, you were so kind, loving, and giving as to allow this special person to become a donor. I pray for you every single day…that time and God's love will ease the pain and help you to accept your loss. I hope it helps to know that, because of your kindness, a part of your loved one goes on living in another and allowing them to keep this love alive.

Most of us try to be good people and we sometimes think we cannot be much better than we are. And then someone like you comes into our life and we realize how grateful we are and that we can always do more. And I shall never give up. I will always keep trying to do just a little bit more and to be a better person...for you have given me that chance and I will cherish it every day of my life! Although I never met this loved one of yours, I, too will cherish them and keep their memory alive in my heart...forever!

I will take my medicines faithfully and do all that my doctors tell me in order to keep this precious gift alive. I will thank you and pray for you every day of my life. You have touched the hearts of so many who you do not even know and you have so unselfishly shared your love. I just cannot thank you enough! I feel so truly blessed that you have given me this chance to go on living at a time when I had given up hope and felt my life fading away.

Mere words could NEVER express how I feel. I wish there were more kind and loving people like you in this world and I hope that I can be one of them. My family cries, too, with happiness for me, but also sadness for your loss. Please try to understand that although we do not know you, we will love you and you will be as much a part of our family as our own members. We will all keep you in our hearts and always in our prayers! With eyes full of tears and a heart full of love, I again say, "Thank you and may God bless and keep all of you!"

With love for you and yours,

A Most Grateful Recipient